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This page offers you solar energy products for heaters, swimming pools, electrical uses, wind power,  operating lights, accessories for spas. You will also find the worlds first digital tankless electric water heater here. We have green chemistry eco  products that are none toxic, such as paints, stains, coatings, finishes, strippers, cleaners and sundries. These are some of the best products available. The Dura Soy one paint has no odor. These products save you money with no health side effects. Thus it makes sense to use these products to protect your health and save money in the long run. The common paints, glues etc used in construction can cause various health problems. If you are a machinist, engineer aircraft repair, hot rod fabrication, fabrication welding shop, wood working shop, hospital, university or trades school etc, we have a variety of cnc machines, milling, lathes,waterjet, brakes shears and other machines for you.  There are resources here for the application of SKF bearings in the aerospace, automotive and other industries. SKF Bearings are known worldwide. These bearings are important for aircraft to function properly.

Do you need metal, we have an online metal store in Washington State in in eastern USA to meet your metal needs in the USA and in Canada. Some of the metals available are as follows. Titanium, stainless, aluminum, bronz, copper, nickel, brass and other metals plus plastics. Check the prices on this page. We have USA made ball screws, lead screws, that are regular stock sizes and custom made ones. Lead screws can be made 50 feet or longer with up to 200 threads per inch. Custom gears can be made, as well as spindles, and spindles can be repaired. Plus more services are available. There is fast ball screw repair done in the USA. If you need to rent or buy good used D9 and other size bulldozers or other heavy machinery such as Caterpiller, or other brands please contact us to see if we have what you need. These machines are all in Canada. We build custom steel buildings from Canada’s largest steel building company.  These can be shipped to most places in Canada, USA and other countries. Contact to get prices.

Engineering services for Western Canada and the Canadian Arctic. We have top engineers for non-destructive testing, u.t., mpi ,pmi-xrf, wall thickness testing, down hole tools (bha)hardness testing, 500-ton load test facility, drilling rig certification, gas and oil wells. Yokes for sale to test for fractures in metal.

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Canadian Company Has Heavy Caterpillar Equipment For Sale or Rent

Good, Used or New Caterpillar Brand Bulldozers, different models, andother brands of heavy equipment for sale and rent.
Available all over North America
Stock is subject to change without notice • Quality is a matter of pride • Please contact us for further information



Custom Made Box Liners

Canadian made tool boxes, gasoline tanks, liners, headache racks. These are high quality products and custom made to meet your specifications and needs. Please contact us for further information.


Canadian made Custom Stainless Steel

Canadian made stainless steel products, for laboratories, kitchens, water tanker trucks. * Note: We do not provide the truck.

Tanks for juice, dairy, breweries and other edible food products and chemicals. These are all custom made to meet you specifications and needs, please contact us if you have a stainless steel project. Transport Canada has certified now in 2012 that non pressurized aluminum tanker truck trailers can be manufactured. if you need a new trailer please contact us at


The finest Canadian, American and International Machine Tools
Newall Digital Readouts – One of the world’s premier readout systems. You can order these through our website by sending an email to
Newall’s Digital Readout (DRO) Systems offer exceptional value with leading edge technology and productivity enhancing features. Designed for use with the Spherosynâ„¢ and Microsynâ„¢ linear encoders, Digital Readout Systems by Newall are well known for providing the best solutions for any machine application. With rugged die cast chassis and wipe-clean front panels, Newall DRO Systems are built to last. Your Newall digital readout choices include the DP900, C-Series, and A-Series systems shown below.
Family and M20

Heavy tools for small to big business

Peddinghous Iron Worker

Top machinery for machinist, fabricators and welding shops

This is one of the world’s top iron workers made in Germany. Anyone who is interested on this machine please email Ron and Fen at:


 Metal Working Equipment

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Metal Fabrication Equipment

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 Sample of used machinery that we may have access to from time to time

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We have 24 hour ball screw repair if the ball screw can be repaired. We cover military defense, aerospace, machine tool – any style,design or type. We also supply replacement parts for domestic or foreign machine tools.


Buy your Ball Screws and Lead Screws from us

We are manufactures representatives. We help keep aerospace, defense, cancer clinic machines, machinist, dams and other industries functioning.

  • We have built world’s longest lead screws to over 50 ft long, we can build special lead screws upto 200 threads per inch upto 19 inches in diameter with unlimited length.
  • We build and repair ball screws and if the damaged ball screws are repairable that usually takes 24 hours after we received it before it is ready to be sent back to you.
  • We build and repair all types of spindles
  • We have Bearings, Acme screw and nut supplies
  • We make wide range of Gears.
  • We specialize in reverse engineering. [Hospitals that use sophisticated cancer treatment machines can benefit from our services to make special parts for these machines which will save the hospitals money.]

SKF Bearing Applications

SKF Bearings is a world leader in supplying ( OEM ) bearings to Aerospace ,Automotive and other industries.


Aerospace Grade Titanium, Aluminum and other Metals sold here.
This store is in washington state, USA.


Our Online Metal Store is for USA and Canada. Canadians will pay a reduced brokerage fee. We supply Titanium metals, Aerospace grade Aluminium and more…


Eco Friendly Construction Materials Available Here