At this time, all our aluminum boats, sail boats and yachts are made in Canada. you must submit drawings to the boat builders in order to get a proper quote for you to have a boat built. We are offering you hovercraft made in the UK suitable for search and rescue work and recreational use. we have boat kits made in the USA for sale. Boat financing, marine, fishing, and outdoor supplies, kayaks, pontoons are also available.

Boats Hovercrafts, Marine & Fishing Supplies

Boats Hovercrafts, Marine & Fishing Supplies

BOATS: Hovercraft

Our hovercraft are specialized craft suitable for a wide range of recreational use. They are suitable for police, military and coast guard search and rescue missions. These small hovercraft are amazingly versatile.

Hover Pods demos and training available in California. Contact us at if you want to attend a demo or get training.

Hover Pod in Use Over Different Surfaces: Snow and Ice

Hov Pod Technology & Build: Making a Hov Pod

BOATS: Testdrive

Contact Ron and Fen @ for any inquiry and details. Thanks.


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BOATS: Canadian Boats

All Canadian made boats are made to transport Canada specifications. These are very high standards. One of our boat makers makes Navy Patrol boat looking for marine problems and illegal activities, made for the Canadian Navy.

Contact Ron and Fen @ for any inquiry and details. Thanks.

Small boats can be made for research work ,military use. Fire fighting boats certified by Transport Canada for ocean, lakes and large rivers use can be custom made to help fight fires. Please see video clip on fire fighting boat

BOATS: British Columbia

Custom made aluminum, wood, fiberglass, stainless steel boats. Small boats to large yachts made in British Columbia.

If you are interested, please have drawings prepared for our boat builders to look at.
This is the only way for our boat builders to give you an accurate price. Please email us at

This is an example of a 43 foot jet range patrol boat made for the Canadian Navy

This is the worlds best gps tracker to date that can be carried on your person.
This is great for people hiking in the back country or for other emergancies that may arise when you need to be located


CKS offers you, Kayaks for white water, river running, creeking, kids. Cross over, recreational, inflatable, fishing. Tubes and river boards also available. Used boats and boards also sold here. Apparel, gearand accessories and more also available.

Boat Financing

Excel Credit offers you loans starting at 25.000 and above for boats.

Boat Loans


Legacy offers you the best value in food storage. The shelf life of this food is up to 25 years. You can order 100% gluten free food. These foods are all NON- GMO and there is no MSG or AYE in these foods.

Freeze Dried Emergency Food

Big Fly offers you,vests & packs, waders, apparel, Spey rod package, Redington Torrent and Shu -fly rods. Fly patterns by insect, location, species, tactic. Hatch charts and much more.

Boat Plans for power, sail and small boats.

River Bum offers you rods by, Curtis Fleming Signature series, & G.Loomis. Abel Creek Reels, angler accessories, and gear you need for fishing.



This is a scientifically based survival products store that can be of help to you in times of disaster to survive in the outdoors



High Performance Drink Ware and Coolers available here