About us

Ron & Fen with a st Bernard dog in Bagiou City Philippines.
Ron,Fen,and family members,Divina Figura,Nelson Figura & Jason Figura are dressed in the native clothing of the Igorat indian tribe in Northern  Luzon in Bagiou City Philippines.
Ron & Fen are standing near the enterence of the Puerto Princesa under ground river. We canoed about 5 kilometers into this spactacular huge cave in Palawan Philippines.
My wife Fen is bravely holding a small crocodile at a crocodile farm near to Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines.
Ron & Fen have been exploring  Palawan Island.We are in a cave where the Puerto Princesa river carved a cave system through this mountain.We climbed to to top of the mountain through this cave and used ropes near the top of the mountain to climb out of the cave. The Puerto Princesa river now flows under a different mountain and is the worlds longest underground river.
Ron & Fen were just married in Pagadian City on the island of Mindanao Philippines. We are now on the way to our reception.Two hundred people attended our wedding and reception

Ron’s Machine Tools is a Canadian business. Many people in Canada urged me to create a resource website that would have a good variety of topics to choose from. A sample of what we offer is as follows. HIGH QUALITY MACHINERY FOR MACHINIST’S, FABRICATORS, AEROSPACE, CUSTOM CAR BUILDERS, OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY, HOSPITALS AND OTHER INDUSTRIES. We offer HIGH QUALITY CANADIAN CUSTOM MADE BOATS. These are are Canada Transport certified boats. We offer HIGH CLASS CUSTOM MADE DOORS, STAIRS AND FURNITURE MADE IN CANADA. We offer WORLD CLASS SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL INFORMATION ON THE KNOWN CAUSES OF MANY DEGENERATIVE DISEASES AND HOW CHANGING OUR EATING HABITS AND OTHER LIFESTYLE HABITS CAN PREVENT OR REVERSE HEART DISEASE, TYPE 2 DIABETES and other lifestyle induced diseases. You will find many other interesting topics here to check out. The owners of this website are Ron Vader BS.c, MS.c, Fenelyn Vader BS.c, Jonelo Figura BS.c Jason Figura BS.c, and Nelson Figura. We hope you enjoy our website.